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Schools & Nurseries


Our extra-curricular clubs enable schools to increase whole school pupil participation by hosting football clubs before, during and after school. We will work closely with you to establish the best fit for your school's requirements.

Ignite a spark in your children and allow them to flourish by learning new skills and competencies outside of the core teaching framework. Aiding the development of their physical, cognitive and social skills will only have a positive impact on their journey through school life. Allowing them to embrace physical literacy and enjoy the benefits of being physically active for life; promoting and encouraging a life that is healthier, happier and more fulfilled. 

Our FA-qualified Coaches all have up-to-date safeguarding and FA DBS checks.

Schools will typically choose from either of the options below, or can create more of a bespoke package. Supporting schools in our local community is such a passion for us, so simply get in touch using the contact us form and we can arrange a call to go over all of your requirements and how we can help.


  • Pitch Pals to organise and run the clubs using their online ClassForKids booking platform, removing all administration from the School


  • Pitch Pals will supply all marketing materials


  • The school will support with promotion of the clubs to the children and parents/carers


  • Pitch Pals will charge the School a set fee per club and the School will organise and administer the clubs

  • Pitch Pals will supply all marketing materials

  • The school will support with promotion of the clubs to the children and parents/carers

  • The School can recoup club fees by charging parents for the club


Our Nursery programme has been designed to bridge the gap between Early Years settings and Primary Schools, maximising the children's energy and giving them a positive introduction to sport and physical activity. 

Using a semi-structured, fun-based learning model, children will learn a variety of skills through a range of innovative, action-packed games and activities. We will develop coordination, cognitive and motor skills, whilst encouraging team work, self-confidence and all-important social skills.


The sessions will help prepare children for their transition into Primary Schools and the curriculum they will encounter.

Using age-appropriate equipment and incorporating numbers, colours and letters the children will be learning through play and guided discovery. 

Get in touch using the contact us if you would like to discuss further or book a free trial session at your nursery.


''If you are looking for someone relevant with relatable experience (being a father of 3) at planning age-appropriate activities and a personality that children of all ages can relate to, bundled into a weekly sports skills session, then look no further than Pitch Pals!


Paul Wicks (owner) has been running these sessions weekly with our nursery children for a term and it is by far the highlight of their week. Paul is so adaptable and knows just how to tailor his sessions so that children of different abilities can fully participate. We get great feedback from parents who tell us their children always have good feedback and ask daily when the next session will be. Give Pitch Pals a try, you and your child will not be disappointed.''

Tenderlinks Day Nursery-Milford.

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